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The Stephanie Ann Conservatory of Violin

P.O. Box 767

To encourage confidence, discipline and a sound mind and spirit through music

Brandon, FL 33509-0767 USA

PH# 813-495-8833

Email: stephanie@stephanieann.com


Since there are a limited number of openings for violin students at our conservatory, please be aware of the following important points before you decide to enroll for lessons:


1. Private lessons are 30 minutes each, one scheduled lesson per week.


2. Lessons are $22.00 each, billed monthly in advance.



The Violin Lesson and Practice Outline


The violin is not just played in the orchestra. There are various styles and settings in which the violin can be played. In order for the student to gain a well-rounded knowledge in the technique and performance aspects of the violin, I strongly recommend for him/her to follow the outline below during his/her routine daily practice time. The outline will also be used during the violin lesson. It is important for the student to come fully prepared to each lesson.


THEORY - Workbook Assignment or

Composition Assignment

(Student writes or composes his/her own song in notation form to help improve notation and rhythm skills.)


IMPROVISATION - (student improvises or plays his/her own song without written music using any given chord progression to help improve listening skills and encourage creativity. This would include different styles of music such as: country fiddle, jazz, pop music, Irish jigs, etc.)


SCALES - Major/Minor/Arpeggios

ETUDES - Studies on a particular technique

SOLO - Current piece, concerto, or orchestra music the student is working on in preparation for a performance or an audition.


Following this outline with consistency, along with participating in various concerts and recitals, the student will surely blossom into a fine, disciplined and creative violinist.


Each student is unique and gifted. I would like to help guide, motivate, inspire and bring out the musical talents they never knew they had until they walked into their lesson. My goal is to see that a student has developed a genuine love and passion for music and the violin, and use that to help and serve others. Keep this outline and refer to it as needed.


The Stephanie Ann Conservatory of Violin Curriculum


1. Introduction to the Violin

2. Note Identification (Basic to Advanced Music Theory)

3. Etudes (Studies Covering Various Techniques)

4. Solo/Performance Piece

5. Scales/Arpeggios- Major and Minor.

6. Composition- Basic or Advanced (Composing Short Songs)

7. Improvisation- Learning to create and Play Melodies with Different Chords

8. Ear Training- Listening and Being able to Identify Pitch and Chords

9.  Performance- To be able to Perform a Complete Solo with or without an Accompanist in Front of a Live Audience


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